Mauritania Photo Gallery – Zouerate Uprising

تدوينة و ألبوم صور قدمتهم المدونة الرائعة : @Lissnup
عبر مدوتنها


Worker protests in Zouerate, Mauritania, escalated into violent clashes and confrontations Monday after days of otherwise peaceful protests, which were brutally repressed by police using tear gas and other riot control tactics. Several protesters were injured and arrests were made, including the local trade union leader. Later reports mentioned five gendarmes receiving treatment for minor injuries.

The Governor was out of commission after his residence was besieged and part of the administrative offices caught fire. The blaze started after a large tent attached to the building was burned, along with some vehicles and hastily constructed barricades. The regional radio station offices were also reportedly subjected to an arson attack. Tuesday, the Interior Minister was flown to the scene by helicopter from Atar, and the army was sent in to quell the protests in response to a distress call from the governor.

Mauritania’s president Aziz has been out of the country…

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